Lè ou konnen Kè Papa yo chanje lavi yo


Mwen rele Oldine mwen se ayisyenn  mte fe lekol fomasyon disip mwen sendoming e apre kelke tan staff mwen te al fe yon lot lekol chili apre de lekol sa yo mte santi Bondye ap dim poum vinn fe staff nan Jeunesse en mission okay.

Mwen vreman kontan poum youn nan premye staff ywam okay e depi le nou tap komanse antanke yon ministe nou te santi Bondye ap di nou pou nou akonpagnye lot ministe ki deja ekziste. Premye ministe nou te antre ladanl se ASL ki signifi  aksyon pou sove lavi. Se yon ministe jeune ti gason ki abitye fonktyone nan lari a, nap travay apepre ak 30 timoun.

Ministe sa fokis nan edukasyon ti mesye sa yo ak ansegne yo pawol Bondye nou te santi sa son privilej Bondye fe nou pou nou te ka fe disip nan lavi timoun sa yo fe yo konnen kiyes Bondye ye tout bon e ke Bondye renmen yo e sousye de yo. ke Bondye se papa yo, anpil nan timoun sa yo papa yo pa prezan nan lavi yo genyen kap viv ak Matant e tonton  e genyen kap viv poukont yo tou, yo vreman pa konnen sak rele lanmou yon papa.

Bondye kreye nou tout e li bay paran yo responsabilite pou yo reprezantel sou late e pou yo pran swen timoun yo pou bayo edukasyon e sitou spirityelman  Role yon paran se pou fe provisyon pou piti li men anpil fwa paran yo manke fe travay sa yo sa konn pemet timoun gen difikilte a resevwa lanmou e bay lanmou. Sa konn domaje imaj Bondye antanke yon Papa. li konn afekte lavi timoun yo nan fason yo aji aknan fason yo pale ak lot moun.

Youn nan bagay Bondye te ansegne nou a trave ministe sa se pou nou gen pasyans ak timoun yo.

Nan 1 Koretyen 13:4:


"Li di moun ki gen renmen nan ke li gen pasyans, li gen bon ke li pap anvye so lot moun. Li pap fe grandize, li pap gonfle ak logey."


Le nou te fenk komanse travay ak timoun sa yo, yo te dezod anpil yo tap goumen yo tap bay farouch yo tap fe bri le nap pale yo pat koute nou sate vreman dekourajan se komsi pou yo se nwi nou tap nwi yo, yo pat gad sa tankou yon benediktyon ke Bondye voye sou chemen yo.Men Bondye gen pasyans ak nou e li tap ansegnye nou koman pou nou gen pasyans ak timoun sa yo. Pandan tou ane sa yo ki pase nou vreman we anpil chanjman anpil transformatyon nan lavi yo, yo vinn gen plis lanmou nan ke yo pou moun, e yo sousye de moun tou.

Gen youn nan ti mesye yo ki vinn gen anpil matirite e li vreman vle devni yon bagay demen nan lavil, pou kounya lale nan ti kou pwofesyonel.

Le mwen te di timoun sa yo ap viv nan lari, gen kek nan yo kitap mande nan lari pou yo ka pote manje lakay yo genyen tou ki jus vle enjoy lari a, gen anpil nan ti  mesye yo ki vinn gen anpil matirite. nan komansman gen youn kite vreman brigan li te toujou sou goumen kounya li se youn nan yo kap fe timoun yo fe silans li nou vinn ansegne e li toujou pre pou poze kesyon e bay temwanyaj li. Gen ladan yo ki bay Bondye lavi yo e gen 8 ki batize ladan yo nan mwa Mars la.

Le mwen ap gad deye mwen we gen anpil transfomasyon kifet lakay yo. Bondye ap devlope karakte yo mwen kontan fe pati transfomasyon sa e mwen espere anpil lot timoun ka swiv ti mesye sa yo nan chanjman kifet nan lavi yo a ‘



Knowing the Fathers Heart changes lives


I am Oldine and I’m from Haiti. I did my Disciple Training School in the Dominican Republic and I also did a Counseling School in Chile. After those school I felt like God was asking me to go back to Haiti, here I joined staff with YWAM Les Cayes.

I’m very blessed to be one of the first staff members with YWAM Les Cayes. When we started as a ministry we felt like God was telling us to come alongside other ministries that already existed. One of the ministries that we are blessed to be working with is ‘Action to Save Lives’ (ASL). This is a boys club ministry that serves around thirty teenage boys who used to live on the street.

This ministry is focused on educating the boys and teaching them about the word of God. We have been privileged that God is using us to disciple these boys and teach them how much He loves them and care for them.

To help them know that God is their father; most of these boys do not have a father present in their lives. Some are living with their extended family, some by themselves … they don’t have someone to really care for them. So it is difficult for them to know what really a father’s love is.

I know that God created all of us and He gave our parents the responsibility to represent Him on this earth. The biblical role of a parent is to be a good steward of the children God placed in their care. Parents have the role to care for the spiritual, emotional and physical well being of their children - most of the time the parents of these boys have failed to accomplish this task and by not receiving love from their earthy father it has damage the image of the fatherhood of God. They don’t really know if there is someone who cares and love them.

All fo this affects their attitude, how they give and respond to love, how they walk, talk and interact with others.

One of the things we’ve learned through this ministry is being patient.

In 1 Corinthians13:4 it says:


“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy it does not boast it is not proud.”


When we first starting working with the boys they would fight, talk and do anything but listen to us. It was so hard … it felt like they saw us as more of a bother than a blessing.

However, God is patient with us and growing us in this process. In the past years we’ve seen so much transformation. God is working in every aspect of their lives; they are more loving and more caring.

There is one boy who we can see a lot more maturity in and he now has a desire to pursue something for his life. Currently he is enrolled in a professional school.

When I say that they ‘used to live on the street’, some of the boys were living and begging on the streets to bring money in for their families, but most of them begged because they didn’t want to work. So for this one particular boy to be pursuing a job is a huge step for him in his character.

At first he was one of the ‘trouble makers’, always goofing off and fighting. Now he helps gather everyone to listen and learn when we come for bible lessons.

Several of the boys are like him, growing in their maturity, looking to the future and starting to understand Gods love for them. In fact, 8 of the boys were baptized at our local church back in March!

As I look back I see that there has been so much growth among these boys.

God is developing them in their character and I’m so grateful to be apart of that transformation.

I hope many other boys will be impacted by their transformation.

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